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Material processing
Higher throughput of lower active materials

Sample Preparation;
Sample Cutting, mounting and polishing
Sample FIBing

Material characterisation;
On-site PIE of active materials – nanoindenter, SEM, outgassing (TDS) Handling & inspection of beryllium & tritiated material

Material transfer;
Transfer of lower active materials for off-site PIE

UK Atomic Energy Authority / Culham Centre for Fusion Energy

The UK Atomic Energy Authority, and its research arm Culham Centre for Fusion Energy, are based at Culham Science in Oxfordshire. Responsible for operating both the UK’s fusion research programme and Europe’s JET fusion facility, it is also diversifying to support a wider range of nuclear research communities in areas including materials research and remote handling. Culham is presently involved in two NNUF projects:

Materials Research Facility (MRF)

The MRF at Culham provides academic and industry users with a unique resource for micro-characterisation of materials. It bridges the gap between the university or industrial laboratory and large facilities at nuclear licensed sites, with affordable, convenient lab access. The facility supports research in lifetime extension for today’s power stations, nuclear new build and Generation IV, and fusion. In 2015 a new MRF building will open, allowing use for radioactive material, with hot cells for processing and micro-characterisation of neutron-irradiated samples. It will have the capacity to cut, polish and encapsulate individual Charpy-style samples up to the TeraBecquerel level for analysis either on-site or back at the user’s institute.

The initial on-site analysis equipment, already available for non-active research, are a dual beam Focused Ion Beam, a Scanning Electron Microscope with EBSD and EDS, a Nanoindenter, and Thermal Desorption Spectroscopy.

For more information on the equipment and the MRF see or contact Martin O’Brien: 01235 464800 /


ADRIANA nuclear instrumentation project

With funding from EPSRC, ADRIANA (Advanced Digital Radiometric Instrumentation for Applied Nuclear Activities) is providing instruments for use by industrial and university researchers at Culham and at partners the Universities of Lancaster and Liverpool. Culham has four state-of-the-art high resolution gamma spectrometry systems with digital signal processing and analysis software. The ADRIANA equipment can be used to support power stations, nuclear security applications and decommissioning operations, as well as research projects.

For more information on ADRIANA contact either Lee Packer: 01235 466415 / or

Chantal Nobs: 01235 466804 /

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