Calls for access

The 12th access application round (to cover access commencing primarily in the period July - September 2023) is now open. This call will close at 23:59 on Wednesday 31st May 2023. Many of the facilities accepting applications for this call are able to facilitate both "in-person" and "remote" access (i.e. facility scientists conducting experiments on behalf of externals). Please get in touch with the contact listed on each facility's page, to find out more.

Calls for access, otherwise known as "application rounds", are run quarterly on a rolling basis. (Applications for modest amounts of funding can be submitted at any time via our "rapid turnaround" scheme, and will be evaluated swiftly).

The access scheme is currently due to come to an end in early 2024. Therefore, unless anything changes, call 12 is likely to be the penultimate call of the NNUF access scheme (with the final call, call 13, due to cover access in the period October – December 2023).

Unless a strong justification (e.g. time required for sample preparation or security clearance) is provided in the application form, access awarded under call 12 should commence in the July – Sept 2023 quarter and should finish by end December 2023 (sooner if possible).

We actively encourage a range of applications, from shorter "proof of principle" experiments (which have the potential to lead on to more substantial work) to projects which are ambitious in their own right.

We also welcome applications from repeat applicants - if you have commenced/completed one NNUF-funded experiment and would like to apply for further NNUF-funded time (either at the same facility/ies or different facility/ies) please do so.