Application form for NNUF funded user access scheme

Before completing this form, please ensure that:

  • you have read the page entitled NNUF funded user access scheme: overview and workflow
  • you have discussed the feasibility of your proposed research directly with the facility/facilities in question:
    • please use the feasibility checklist to structure your discussions with the facility/facilities.
    • please obtain an email from the facility/facilities in question, confirming the feasibility of conducting your proposed research. You will need to upload this as part of your application for the NNUF funded user access scheme.
    • Please ensure that the facility has seen and approved the final version of your application form before you submit it to NNUF.
  • you have consulted the page entitled Rules for submission of applications for NNUF funded user access scheme.

If you have any questions about how to complete the form, or would like any assistance during the application process, please don't hesitate to contact Julia Ramírez González, NNUF Project Manager ( N.B. Technical questions pertaining to experimental feasibility should be directed to the facility contact, as mentioned above.

We would recommend that you have all the information ready before you complete this form (you may wish to write your application in e.g. Word document format first, and copy sections across to this web-based application form one by one). This way, if the connection times out before you have finished the form, or there are any other technical difficulties, you will not have lost your work. Unfortunately the system will not save incomplete applications, for you to go back and finish later.

Please do not refresh the page while you are working on the form, as this will delete the information you have entered.


Before completing the application form please ensure that you, and any team members whose details you are entering into the form, have read the privacy notice:


(N.B. The privacy notice was updated for call 4 - if you are a repeat applicant, it is worth your looking at this latest version of the privacy notice).



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1. Personal details
Please note that all applications for the NNUF funded user access scheme will be evaluated “person-blind” by the management group (Prof Chris Grovenor, Prof Malcolm Joyce and Prof Francis Livens). Your personal details will be used by the NNUF Administrators to contact you regarding the outcome of your application etc. You are not required to upload a CV or bio.
1a. Principal Investigator
1b. Team Members
Please list here the name and position of all the external users who would be undertaking the proposed experimental work (up to a maximum of 5 team members in total, including the PI). If you have more than one team member (in addition to the PI), you will be able to enter their details once you have populated the information for the first additional team member. (N.B. Do not list employees of the facility you are proposing to access in this section).
First team member (in addition to PI) - if any
Second team member (in addition to PI) - if any
Third team member (in addition to PI) - if any
Fourth team member (in addition to PI) - if any
Please note
If applying to the HOT ROBOTICS FACILITY, please ensure: [1] that your email correspondence includes responses from the facility's technician (contact,, or; [2] that you include the costs for use of the Hot Robotics Facility and/or equipment.
5. Estimate of expenses (travel; subsistence; sample transport costs; costs associated with equipment hire off-site e.g. transport of kit, insurance etc.; UK conference attendance)
Please upload an itemised estimate/quote of expenses that you would anticipate claiming from the NNUF user access scheme (N.B. This does not include facility access fees: if your application is successful, the NNUF management group will transfer these directly to the facility once your access has been completed). Please ensure that any costs estimated or claimed are in line with University of Oxford expense guidelines, and demonstrate this by itemising your estimate. If you are successful in your application, then once your access has been completed, you will need to send receipts for expenses to Christiana Hadlow, NNUF Project Assistant (, who will reimburse these funds to you. (Please note that unfortunately the system does not accept email or .txt files for upload; if you have a quote in email or .txt format, please save it as a different file format, e.g. zip file or pdf, prior to upload).